Vernier caliper

Vernier Caliper

          Vernier caliper, It is a measuring tool used to measure the size of workpieces that require high accuracy. It uses the thickness, depth, external and internal width of the object. It is a measuring tool that is widely used in industrial applications such as metal lathe work and automobile parts work. Car repair work, etc.

Physical characteristics of a vernier caliper

Vernier Caliper-02

  • Internal Jaws Used to measure the inside of an object. By measuring the size of the inside diameter of the object.
  • External Jaw Used to measure the external dimensions of objects.Suitable for measuring outside diameter.
  • Locking Screw Serves to lock the position of the temple mouth to be stable.
  • Main Scale It is the scale value on the vernier caliper.
  • Vernier Scale It is the magnification scale value, the resolution value is on the sliding measuring mouth.
  • Thumb Screw Scale shift knob makes moving the scale easier. By adjusting the measuring mouth to a size that fits the desired size of the object.
  • Depth Measuring Blade  Used to measure the depth of holes in objects.

Reading the values ​​of Vernier calipers

Vernier Caliper-01

Precautions for storing Vernier calipers
1.) Do not expose the tool to sunlight.
2.) Store the tool in a low humidity area. Good ventilation, no dust.
3.) Do not leave tools on the floor.
4.) Rotate the two ends of the head so that they are about 0.1-10.0 mm apart from each other.
5.) Wipe tools clean after use.
6.) Should be stored in the Vernier caliper box.
7.) Measuring instruments should be calibrated at least once a year to control the quality of the measuring instruments to always be within the criteria.

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