About Us


Started a business trading steel and construction materials. It began to be known as “ZUBB Charoen Construction Materials Limited Partnership”


Expanded business by opening the first factory to produce hot-rolled structural steel, angle steel, under the name “ZUBB Siam Steel Company Limited”


ZUBB Siam Company Limited has expanded its construction rebar production line. and the abbreviation “BLTS” was placed on the product. In order to build the image of the company The abbreviation was later changed to “ZUBB”.


Expanded production by opening a factory for producing large angle steel, Channel steel, and I-beam steel under the name “Zubb Samut Steel Co., Ltd.


Expanding distribution channels to market in other provinces by opening “Zubb Panit Company Limited”


Later, the company opened a new production line by opening a factory for producing cold-rolled c-bar steel, carbon steel pipe, square steel pipes, rectangular tube, plate, and black coiled steel under the name “Ocean Pipe Company Limited.”


Begin construction of a new office of “Zubb Steel Group Company Limited” to serve as a warehouse center for all affiliated companies. and initiated the One Stop Service policy to meet customer needs. This allows customers to purchase all types of steel conveniently and quickly. In the same year, a new production line was added using more modern technology for the production of hot-rolled structural steel such as angle steel, flat steel, and construction steel.


The company has opened a new production line. By acquiring the forge business To produce steel billets Hot rolling mill for wire rods, round bars, deformed bars under the name “M Metal (Thailand) Company Limited” with the trademark “MMT”


The company invested 3,000 million baht to expand the production capacity of small-medium hot-rolled steel shapes by an additional 500,000 tons per year with the most modern machinery in the ASEAN region. at the factory in Lopburi To support the expansion of users in the hot rolled steel section both domestically and abroad.


Zubb Steel Group Company Limited and M Metal (Thailand) Company Limited have merged to become a leader in manufacturing. and distribute all types of steel fully integrated with the most modern machinery in ASEAN.