Building a house is not easy.

Building a house is not easy

          Building a house is not an easy task! Must consult architect Need to find a contractor You have to find materials to use in construction work, etc. Building a house requires a lot of money. and use/live for a long time, every step Therefore, special consideration and attention must be given.

          ZUBB will tell you important factors in choosing construction materials. Choosing quality construction materials is very important in construction work because materials that are not of standard quality The strength will be greatly reduced, which may cause Damage and can affect the safety of life and property. In addition to the quality of the materials that must be taken consideration. Choosing the right materials for use is also important.

For example ::

• Foundation work that requires adhesion on steel that helps to create strong pull between steel bars and cement. You should use deformed bars. Because the rib of the cane joints will hold the cement better than smooth round steel bars.

• Tiles used for bathroom floors It should be a tile with a relatively rough surface. That is not slippery on the feet, to prevent falls in the bathroom

          If you are looking for “steel” in construction ZUBB STEEL has many different types of steel whether Foundation work or structural work, ZUBB has everything including construction steel bars, footing, wire rods, hot-rolled steel sections and Cold steel forming.

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