December 27, 2015


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Tokyo-news agency cited news sources reported by the GIA that wado. Nippon Steel Co., Sumitomo Metal & steel manufacturers of most major Japan. Company acquisition agreement announcement, Nissin Steel to steel industry cope with recession Which is caused by the economic slowdown in China. All this. After the transaction, the acquisition is finished. Nissin steel shares will remain listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange continued to. Such an agreement would cause competition in the steel industry of Japan. Between Nippon Steel, j.a. ฟอี Holdings Inc. and Kobe steel, which is a giant steel manufacturer 3.

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ed news sources reported by the GIA that wado. Nippon Steel Co., Sumitomo Metal & steel manufacturers Japan's largest. Preparation of the acquisition the company Nissin Steel to steel industry cope with recession Which is caused by the economic slowdown in China.
News sources indicated that Nippon Steel, which are 8% stake in Nissin steel copper and steel manufacturers as the largest. Japan's 4. Planning to buy all remaining shares in Nissin Steel is expected to announce the agreement both companies agreed in a moment of today.
Nippon Steel said the company is currently studying the lapoet guidelines to strengthen collaboration with Nissin. Steel, including steel making subsidiary Nissin as affiliates.
Sources revealed that this acquisition is considered to be creating a survival measures, while fierce competition in world markets. Steel companies, which compresses the need to reduce costs while steel price slump and sluggish demand down. After the Chinese economy and a slowdown in emerging countries.

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r 2559 situation is expected in the production section, + is poised is 6.66 million tons. By the demand for steel in the country are in the range. 0-3%, which is the key factor that drove higher iron needs. Is to invest in the infrastructure construction of the Government? Because the construction slowdown of the private sector are. Because consumers delay purchases and investments in assets, sangharim tha neck. For the automotive industry on the part of the projected expansion. But steel is mainly used in industry, the steel import. So it is not affecting production in the country. However, there are also factors that appeals is China experiencing over supply and shipping to many countries of the world, which affects many countries. Preventing price competition. Make many countries send a signal to China to reduce the production down. Currently, China does not yet have blithely to reduce production. It is one of the factors the view that China will reduce the production or not.

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) iron and steel production in the year. There are approximately 6,662,377 metric tons (2558, excluding semi-finished steel products. Cold rolled steel plate and steel pipe coating steel plate to prevent duplicate counts. Decreased 1.94 percent) compared with the same period of the previous year. And considering the list of products found that products with the most reduced production. Is the Tin coated steel sheet and chromium coated steel sheet? Reduced. 13.44 per cent decrease in hot rolled steel sheet 13.38 percent but the increase in steel 6.35 percent because of technical reasons, that is, how to calculate the production of long steel. The part is taken from the data import of long steel raw materials. (A small steel billets, Tablet), which during the past 3-4 months is a small steel billets imported tablet, more. Because steel prices decrease, the steel manufacturer, there are no melting furnace small steel raw materials used and the Bills rolled Tablet. Imports of raw materials more) for sales in the country, approximately. 17,116,251 metric tons, a decrease By 1.28 per cent decrease in flat steel 3.94 percent, but the long steel increased. 3.53 percent for export value decreased. 19.2 per cent of import value decreased. 12.13 percent.

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) data provider Mysteel steel in China. Crude steel output in that China still dropped in early Jan.
By stating that during the Jan. 1-Jan. 10. Crude steel output by a daily average is at. 1,945,900 metric tons, a decrease from 0.36% crude steel output quantity 21-Dec. 31. Past 2558

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Nangduang survival phayat porn Foreign Trade Department Director-General. Disclose that a discussion between a group of steel producers. Low-carbon wire with a group of domestic importers/users of the item. With the relevant authorities, invited to attend the meeting. To consider factual information. In case of complaint cases considered by the Dumping Low carbon steel wire product that has origin from the Republic. China to ensure fairness to all parties. Along with preparing to consider dumping and senokamkan contributions to diagnostic measures in the best floor next.

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l Association (CISA) revealed that the group, the largest steel manufacturer in China, the total gain. Tens of thousands of 2.4387 million Yuan There is a total loss amount 5.3132 thousand million yuan during the month of Jan-Nov. Which contains the amount of the loss included over 2 thousand million Yuan. When kam how comparison Compared to the first 11 months of the year, during the past.

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reau of statistics (NBS) revealed that crude steel production China 63.32 million tons in the month of Nov. Decreased 1.6% from the previous year.  The output of crude steel parts, all during the month of Jan-Nov of China stood at 738.38 million tons. Decreased 2.2% yearly compared the raw steel output stood at 53.67 million tons in the month of Nov. Decreased 0.8% annual, and compared at 638.46 million tons during the month of Jan-Nov. The annual investment 3.1% compared
All this. Crude steel production grew 2%, when comparing annual tap 93.96 million tons in the month of Nov. While all output during the month of Jan-Nov. Increased by 1% annually compared to touch 1.02812 billion tons. Xinhua News Agency report.

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ute; research and planning of China's steel industry projected. Steel consumption in China this year. Falling down 4.8% annually compared to 668 million tons, and another 3% to 648 million tons. In the next year. After such a phenomenon occurs when ever year. 2538

Global demand for steel dropped 2% this year and will decline another 0.9% next year at 1.51 billion tons and 1.5 billion tons.

Produces the raw steel and iron ore demand in China this year. Is located at 806 million tons and 1.12 billion tons, respectively, but in the next year projected at 781 million tons and tons, which is why 1.073 billion, making the demand for steel dropped (literally). Mr. Li Sinchuang The Chairman of the Institute. Explain that it is because the economic policies the new Government's China Office wona. Including the growth of the iron industry at the end of the water slowing down as well.

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, indiatimes. planning of China's steel industry and forecasts that. Global demand for steel last year 2558 is decreased 2% to 1.513 billion tons in the year decreased 0.9% and 2558 to 1.499 billion tons in the year 2559 due to the global economic recovery is likely to slow down more than expected. With the decline of the manufacturing sector is likely to affect demand for steel consumption this year and next year.

In addition, the expected demand for steel in China will be reduced. 4.8% in the year to 668 million tons, a decrease of 3% 2558 and 648 million tons in the year to 2559 compared annually.

Source: News Agency (Infoquest); Photo Credit: Iloilo Hotel newspaper domainnamew Mick. The Ford e-mail station deli. Today's report that the steel smelters, large and medium-sized. That survey, by the China iron and steel Association. (CISA) is the amount of the loss in business, major in range. For the first 10 months of this year, and 7.2 thousand million Yuan because the average sales profit decrease. 1.5%.

Future deli reported that six of the steel manufacturer, China agree to cooperate on production cuts down. 30% from the month of December, and would reduce the intense competition for a slice of the price.

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ata from the Federal procurement of Chinese phlathikan and. (CFLP) specifies that the purchasing managers index (PMI) of China's iron and steel industry. The monthly decline 5.2 compared to 37 in the month of Nov. That is the lowest level since the month of December the year 2551 count.

Iron Ore Price Index data from Xinhua-China (Xinhua-China IOP Index) indicates that the stock of the major iron ore port of China, as of Nov. 30 33. The 2.88% compared weekly. At 85.82 million tons.

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Brazil reports that the media company Marvel, which is the major iron ore producers in the world, and the company's share ownership. Samar co Brazil's mining entrepreneurs. Recognizing that the company reduce production capacity due to the accident, one of the mine's dam, the subsidiary last week ago.

Level specified in the press release that the company agree that the damages that occurred in the State of my NAS. The southern part of the country's malicious will result in the company's output dropped down. 3 million tons to 9 million tons in the year 2558 and in the next year.
The output of iron ore, Vale made a hit at Max. 88.2 million tons. In Q3 year 2558
All this. Marvel has announced the suspension of sales credit from ngafa-ore company Samar Sen DAO code that executes the processing. By the statement of a company may offer as a result of iron ore in the world market, khasi na adjustment increases.
The company's stock price level that the stock market has dropped Sao Paulo continuously. Since that accident, which resulted in six deaths and have lost another 22 Xinhua News Agency report list.

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