Did you know Electric Arc Furnace?

Did you know Electric Arc Furnace

Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) is a steel production process using an electric arc method. It is the process of remelting steel scraps using an electric arc. until the iron melts During annealing, non-ferrous foreign matter can be conveniently removed and iron water loss can be reduced. In order not to affect the quality and strength of the steel. The resulting iron water will be pure. Able to prepare various minerals to meet the specified standards.

Electric Arc Furnace is a steel production technology that produces high quality steel and is an energy-efficient blast furnace. These stoves are designed to burn fuel more efficiently. EAF stoves have been proven to burn fuel more efficiently than traditional stoves. This reduces fuel consumption and production time. Resulting in less greenhouse gas emissions.

It can be easily observed that Such rebar Produced using the EF method or not?By observing at

1. Steel information plate attached to the steel. which will specify various important information Complete information such as Company name, Product type, Quality class, Size, Length, Number of strands per bundle, Production process, Production date, TIS number.

2. Embossed stamping on steel will indicate The Brand, Size, Grade, Production process, Production plant such as ZUBB DB12 SD40 EF Z1

Which ZUBB STEEL sells steel bars. (Round bars and Deformed bars) under the trademark “ZUBB”, produced with an EF furnace, quality products according to TIS standards. You can ask for more information/order at LINE OFFICIAL (Click)

Or you can order steel online at

• ROUND BAR >> Click <<

• DEFORMED BAR >> Click <<

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