Galvanized Square Tube

Galvanized Square Tube Galvanized square tube is a square steel pipe cut face made from GI coil, cut into sheets (Slit) and then rolled up to the desired size can last longer than non-galvanized steel Often used in rustproof structures That is faced with moisture Can be used externally because of…


Stirrup Looks like a round, smooth surface Suitable for construction of reinforced concrete Can be made into shapes as customers want, such as triangles, rectangles, pentagrams, hexagons, circles, vapor forms, reducing labor time and reducing costs efficiently.
Plates Steel


PLATES Plates (For the general structure of the ground connection structure Automotive, Shipbuilding, Steel bridge) is a schematic rectangular surface used for general structure, the floor connecting the motor shipbuilding steel bridge, etc. There are many. size and thickness.

Checkered Plates

Checkered Plates Suitable for general structural work, popularly used in car floor work, truck floor, used to make stairs, to prevent slippery by office, office or truck stairs. Or the pedestrian floor along the construction site Jobs that require permanent durability.

Carbon Steel Pipe

Carbon Steel Pipe Carbon Steel Pipe (for use as a vascular conduit for irrigation water supply pipe and a common structure) has a length of steel pipe. Have the ability to get pressure. Strength. But lightweight. Easy to connect. All the water used for building up the structures. And applied…

Square Tube

Square Tube Square Tube (For structures such as poles, beams, roof and truss) is a square section steel tube. Can be applied in general. Replace the wood. Steel, concrete and other types of properties due to strong light.

Rectangular Tube

Rectangular Tube Rectangular Tube (For structures such as poles, beams, truss and roof ) is a steel pipe rectangular section.Can be applied in general. Replace the wood, Steel, concrete and other types of properties due to strong light.

Round Bar

Round Bar Round bar (for general construction reinforced concrete). Have a look round, smooth skin is suitable for general use? Reinforced concrete construction, such as office buildings, commercial, residential. General house furniture The bridge made the fence. The road surface, etc. special!!! Round bar sizes 12, 15, 19 and 25…


Wirerod Wirerod has been TIS 348-2540 standard 5.5 mm to 12 mm in diameter and quality of SWRM 6, SWRM 8, SWRM 10, SWRM 15, SWRM 20 and SWRM 22 are used in production of steel wire mesh. Wire, galvanized wire mesh, mild steel wire nails making use mosquito screens…


Wide-Flange For general structure and welding work, it has the same shape as I-Beam but is thinner. Commonly used for general structure and welding

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