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 It has been 30 years since Zubb Steel Co., Ltd., has grown along with the people and the communities. Generally, when big businesses or industries expand, it often brings about issues that affect the societies and communities. Apart from running and managing the company, we must also concern about the social expectations. Therefore, we intend to solve any problems that may occur , together with figuring out solutions to pollution and showing our responsibility to our surrounding.

The activity of Zubb Steel which shows responsibility to the society or “Corporate Social Responsibility: CSR.

Concept 1

Public Responsibility: our company has to get the picture of the after-effects from business expansion, which possibly accelerates social issues.

Concept 2 

Stakeholder Theory: is satisfying management of business stakeholders; whether they are customers, employees, shareholders, business partners, competitors, government, or communities.

Concept 3

Corporate Citizenship: to achieve the ideal concept of social sustainability, we must take possession of responsibility to keep the society developing.

The CSR concepts above are used as a guideline to determine the company’s CSR process patterns which can be divided into 4 formats:

Format 1.

promote society through sustainable marketing or cause-related Marketing by dedicating company’s profit to social charities.

Format 2.

Donations (Corporate Philanthropy)

Format 3.

Volunteering: to outline positive relationship toward locals of specific area. We will also bring around our customers to accompany in social activities such as improving the quality of youth’s living conditions. Our company also takes youth’s future into our consideration as we provide academic scholarships, support foster care organizations, and host Buddhism preservation sessions.

Format 4.

Social Responsibility Business Practice: is when we maximize the development at the same time, minimize the impact on the society and environment. Because the operation of steels may possibly spur environmental pollution, we have come up with special production methods in order to reduce or control the effects.

As a part of developing and sustaining the growth of the organization, we allow our employees to freely share opinions, and be a part of decision. This strategy will make them feel comfortable and lead to good performances, which finally help company gain reputation.

“Our CSR”

In every year, Our Zubb Steel Group hands over multiple scholarships and school supplies for children of company’s employee who have outstanding academic performance.


Our Zubb Steel Group is passionate in assisting the communities. We have done many social services such as donating and comforting members in the foster homes, Helping out flood victims, and supporting Religious events.


ECO-business is now in the mainstream, which helps our company realize the importance of environmental conservation. For example, in the year 2011, we renovated Phutthamonthon’s landscapes after the flood disaster, and revitalized the office areas to create better environment within the company.

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