Before coming to steel

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Before coming to steel

Than we can get 1 steel to use Not used to play. Must go through the management process Cooking process And proper and accurate production processes In order for us to have good steel and quality to meet the needs of the users really

Now let’s look at the source of the iron. There are 2 sources: From iron ore mines And from recycling of unused steel Iron from mining Is the iron that we have to dig up the mountain to be exploded High purity But with high prices as well Suitable for use in advanced industries such as two cars from recycled steel that is not used This one loves to save the world a lot more. Reuse old items By passing the process of improving the quality of the steel to meet the requirements Many people may wonder how to recycle steel into pure iron like mine. Answer that. But the management fee will be much higher Until perhaps not worth doing These types of steel are more suitable for general use because of the quality and reasonable price.

When we already know where the iron comes from and being cooked into various grades as needed Most will be stored in the form of billet or billets to wait to be processed. Through rolling to reduce the size to get the shape as needed.

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