Zubb Steel and Affiliated Companies are a fully integrated from the beginning of iron in water. Mid-stream and downstream At present, there are more than the total capacity. 1,200,000 tons per year.
The items under the trade mark “ZUBB” “MMT” and “OCP” all types up to 18″ carbon steel hot rolled steel and cold rolled carbon steel construction.
To meet the needs of every type of customer. The company has a team of retail distribution for customers in the wholesale area, and for distribution to both domestic and international markets.
The company has built a large warehouse space is palatial three-use. 40000 sq.m. Located on 30 acres on the road, Amphoe krathum Baen sakorn province Samut sakhon.
For the benefit of all of the company’s product manager for convenient transport and more quickly, making it possible to meet the needs of the customer.
And covers all areas in Bangkok and vicinity Includes distribution to the region and Overseas.

Integrated steel manufacturer, steel construction, type 18
Hot rolled carbon steel cold rolled carbon steel


Thailand industrial standard.

Finished product production capacity greater than 1,200,000 tons per year.

Retail-ready storage space than the total 60000 sqm.

Fast and convenient transport around the country.

Distribution to the region and abroad.

Thailand is home to a collection of people over 35 years.

Knowledge about steel.

Hot rolled steel gutters are manufactured from hot-rolled steel has a U-shaped structural frame for the roof of the warehouse, factory, engine, and a larger structure, a tower. Hot rolled steel trough of standard page size “ZUBB” cut, smooth legs, wings, both sides are equal. Same size and thickness throughout the path. Can support the weight with strength. Standard shape, making the steel gutters “ZUBB” popular and get satisfaction from customers.

Hot-rolled angle steel is the important component in steel structure. Classification and structural steel E.g. If used in the structure. Industrial roof plant and use many, many people may not notice. Such as furniture Task architect potyok various transaction structure at present, the company is a leader in the market for carbon steel # 1 medium size has invested in the most modern machinery in the ASEAN region. To meet the needs of our customers most effectively.